Supervisory webinars

March 15, 2010 · by Allison Porter · Filed Under Choices, Previous · Leave a Comment

This week I finished teaching my first series of webinars – on supervisory skills.  I approached it with some trepidation – would people be able to log in? Would they stay plugged in? – but as is usual with something new, the concerns I had before it started were not an issue, and I was left with questions I hadn’t anticipated.  Seeing how younger staff and front line supervisors from across the country – people who don’t usually get sent out of town for workshops – were able to engage with the material really inspired me.   Its clear to me that every new supervisor should get the benefit of some commonly held wisdom about how to manage staff.  This seems like an accessible and low cost way to get that done. So the question I ended up with was not whether people can or should do it, but rather how hard to fight the essentially one way nature of the medium.  I am an interactive trainer by style, and I am inclined to feed off the energy and ideas of the group.  That is possible during a webinar via online chat, conference calls, Skype and polling, but it is not as satisfying as being in a room together.  Like with any new technology, we can set it up to reproduce familiar patterns, or explore something totally new.   What do I need to let go of and what do I need to do in a totally new way?  What’s your best webinar experience?


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