The Ignite Program:

Helping Managers Ignite the Talent & Energy of your Organization

Dialogue at the Joint Convening in August 2017

You are leading the staff in your organization in a highly volatile and uncertain environment.   Finally!  A training and development program that is aimed at supporting social justice leaders and managers to improve their ability to lead, develop and retain high performing staff.

The Ignite Program provides the tools and support to help them master leadership and supervisory skills that are proven to be effective and sustainable.

 Design that Supports Breakthroughs

Ignite brings together people who lead staff  in a series of short trainings over a 4-6 month period.  This prevents the typical problem in trainings of information overload that fails to translate into real learning.  Because Ignite combines training with practical applications and coaching support,  individuals and the group are able to achieve meaningful breakthroughs.   The program has the following components:

  • A 1-2 day off site launch to get off to a great start
  • Individual development plans for each participant
  • Monthly sessions with an Alvarez Porter Group coach
  • Mini-sessions to reinforce learning and introduce new curriculum
  • A closing session to capture lessons and commit to future practices

Transform your practices and skills

The program curriculum comes from a unique combination of leading staff in social justice organizations, coaching leaders and leading and developing supervisory training.  Additionally, recent developments in neuroscience and complexity thinking have enriched our curriculum and design.  Time and resource to invest in development is precious, which is why you want more than just exposure to good ideas – you want results.

Our framework – and our curriculum and assessment instruments – are built around the 5 Ways You Impact Staff Performance:  Self-Mastery, Task Management, Develop People, Lead Teams and Results-Focus.


  1. Emotionally intelligent leadership
  2. Managing with the Brain in Mind
  3. Self-Awareness of Leadership Style
  4. Managing stress and triggers
  5. Using an equity and inclusion lens

Task Management

  1. Leading from Purpose and Values
  2. Leading Change
  3. Effective Delegation
  4. Managing Polarities
  5. Work planning

Develop People

  1. Strengths Based Leadership
  2. Giving and Receiving Feedback
  3. Staff Development systems & practices
  4. Developing Talent through Coaching
  5. Situational Leadership

Lead Teams

  1. Team Dynamics
  2. Team Development
  3. Motivation and Drive
  4. Solidarity Across Differences
  5. Managing Conflict


  1. Difficult Conversations
  2. Fostering Accountability
  3. Emergent Learning
  4. Measuring what Matters
  5. Taking Responsibility for Results


Contact us if you are interested in bringing the Ignite program to your organization.