Our work with non-profit organizations

Gustavo Torres, Executive Director of CASA, speaks at the 2017 May Day march in Washington, D.C.

Complexity requires non-profits to be both adaptive in their approach and focused in their mission.   Managing polarities and building relationships across boundaries.   Alvarez Porter Group consultants are able to navigate the ambiguity and aspirations of leaders in the social justice space because we share your commitment.

We bring an outsider’s perspective on your organization and an insider’s familiarity with the culture and imperatives for your success and the success of the progressive movement.

We are currently helping our non-profit clients restructure to reflect changing priorities and resources, develop their management culture to reflect their values and drive for results, and plan for the future in a rapidly changing and dangerous environment.  We are able to do this with a commitment to the resilience of leaders, the engagement of staff, and the effectiveness of programs.

Current and former non-profit clients include: