Leading with Hope & Resilience

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In this crisis . . .

Where trauma and injustice are both deeply personal and mission critical, we need leaders who are calm, clear, equitable, and compassionate.

  • Take care of your emotional and physical well-being to be able to build trust and motivate from a place of centered calm.
  • Assess the impacts of the crisis and then take adaptive steps to delegate and provide direction that is clear.
  • Be inclusive and data-driven in your decision-making to ensure strategies and approaches that are equitable.
  • Listen deeply, empathize, and connect with others, to be consistently compassionate.

Essential leadership behaviors in a crisis

  1. Safeguard resilience, your own and others’, with practices that center wellness, gratitude, and joy.
  2. Acknowledge uncertainty and rapidly changing conditions & communicate frequently.
  3. Innovate boldly to adapt to change, then test and check results to learn and build on what actually works.
  4. Realign people and resources equitably to invest in emerging strategies and clear the path to action.
  5. Put relationships before tasks, [R before T], connect first on a personal level & foster a culture of kindness and mutual concern.
  6. Rely on the character and strength of your people to do the best they can – even if that is less than you and they are used to – adjust expectations.
  7. Manage outcomes not hours, and take advantage of the virtual environment, rather than seeking to recreate the office.
  8. Give grace and drop judgment of yourself and others, accept that people are managing high levels of stress, and assume positive intent.
  9. Share hope for the future with optimism coming from persistence, solidarity, vision, and faith.

Do these principles make sense to you?  Contact us to facilitate a dialogue with your leadership team.  Share it to embed it.


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