Change-agent, Champion, and Coach

As a challenging and supportive partner, Michele works with social justice leaders and teams to help them achieve results, learn and thrive. Michele is guided by her strong belief that people have amazing innate brilliance and she dedicates herself to helping unleash this potential.

Michele joined the Alvarez Porter group in 2012, bringing a fresh perspective from her over twenty years of experience developing and advising leaders in global technology and professional services organizations, most recently Google, with cultures that emphasize people and talent development. She teaches because she loves learning, and holds her B.S. in Labor Relations from Cornell University and her M.S. in Organization Development from American University/NTL.

In her current role, Michele coaches social justice leaders, facilitates large-scale strategy and culture change initiatives in unions and non-profits across the United States, and supports leader-managers in APG’s “Ignite” cohort leadership development program. Her expertise areas include: coaching leaders during major transitions and in “start-up” situations, talent management (including systems design and career progression planning), innovation, organizational design, building powerful leadership teams, leadership assessment and recruiting processes, and transformational change.

Michele manages to do all that while being a wife, an amazing mother to Jackson, age 4, and a community activist in her Dayton, Ohio community.

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