What We Do – Strategy and Planning

Consulting for changes in strategy, structure & culture

Organizational Audit

Taking stock of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses is often the first step to change.  We will work with you to assess your organization so that you have the information you need to decide on next steps.

Strategic PlanningCASA strategic planning 2

Successful organizations think big, are data-driven, set ambitious goals, build agreement and commitment among stakeholders, and have a plan to get there.

Organizational consulting

Whether you are looking to make comprehensive changes or have a particular focus, sometimes what you are looking for is a partner who can be both a resource and a sounding board.

Organizational Design

We understand the challenges of doing a lot with a little and how that impacts your structure. Whether you are growing or shrinking, merging or changing priorities, your structure needs to work for you.

Diversity, inclusion and social justice

When we consider the world we’re in and the world we want to create, there is no doubt that advancing social justice and building solidarity across difference are fundamental requirements of movement leadership.