What We Do – Leadership Development

Coaching & training for new and established leaders

Leadership Coaching

You are your most critical instrument for achieving results.  Successful leaders recognize that focused, goal-oriented, one-to-one sessions with a skilled coach can create breakthroughs for exceptional performance.

Board Development

Boards have the challenging job of providing oversight, staying engaged and adding value, without micromanaging or doing management’s job for them. Experienced assistance in identifying and delivering Board development can make the difference.

Team DevelopmentIMG_1298

Flexible and resilient organizations are using teams more and more at all levels of the organization.  While teams bring multiple advantages, they can also be challenging to form, lead and maintain over time.  An experienced consultant will help you increase both efficiency and effectiveness and maximize the potential of your talent.

IMG_0867Ignite Program for Management Development

Leading staff in a social change organization is both a privilege and a challenge. Managers are often expected to continue contributing in their area of strength, and achieve outstanding results working with and through a team.  They deserve the benefit of frameworks, tools and training to succeed in that aspect of their job.

Succession planningIMG_0508

To protect against both sudden and planned departures, organizations should have succession plans: a conscious strategy to develop a leadership bench capable of stepping up if any number of senior leaders are gone.