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Our Group is Reimagining

The Alvarez Porter Group is transforming.  Our group – with a rich tapestry of clients, solo and group practices, academic and written work – is becoming something new and awesome.  Stay tuned.

Joe Alvarez, MSOD, Senior Partner.  Joe is an organizational change and leadership development practitioner who connects theory and practice, passion and perspective,  transformational change and meaningful results.  He is a member of NTL, where he participates in the diversity, inclusion and social justice working group.  more 
Ja Young Ahn, Associate Partner. Ja Young is based in the Bay Area and brings over 15 years of experience working with leaders in the non-profit and education sectors. Lisa brings her passion for equity, transformation, and wholeheartedness to her clients.
Kim Freeman Brown, Associate Partner. Kim’s mission is to transform great organizations into game-changers. She helps clients take their work to the next level by focusing on: (1) strong leadership and internal management structures and systems; (2) program direction aligned with clear strategy, and analysis of your organization’s unique contribution to your field; and (3) effective internal and persuasive external communications. more…
Michele Berry, MSOD, Senior Partner. Michele supports leaders and teams in building more productive relationships and work environments. She joined the Alvarez Porter group in 2012, bringing a fresh perspective from her years as an executive in Leadership Development and HR in technology organizations, most recently Google. More...
Tony Bennae Richard, Associate Partner. Tony is an organizational development practitioner who began facilitating change during his 24 years in the United States Navy. Tony has worked with the Alvarez Porter Group clients on projects involving diversity, equity & inclusion, leadership and strategic planning. More…
Allison Porter, MSOD, ACC, Senior Partner.  Allison works with leaders, teams and complex systems to help them innovate, build capacity, and reach meaningful goals.  She is a certified executive coach and skilled facilitator who brings a positive, inclusive results orientation to all the work she does.