Want more feedback?

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Ask for it.

And if you have trouble asking, now’s your chance to get better at receiving feedback.

Allison gives advice on receiving feedback in this 3-minute video

The number one way to increase the amount of feedback in your organization is to develop a culture of ASKING for feedback.

Many organizations invest in training people on how to give feedback and expect the amount of feedback in the organization to increase.  Much to their dismay, it often doesn’t.    That’s because the biggest obstacle to having a feedback culture is the perception that people don’t want it.  And the question is, do they?

Feedback can be hard to hear because of the concern we all have about being judged by others. Feedback is incredibly useful, though, because we can’t see ourselves as others do.  And so we need information about our impact in order to grow and improve.

The way to get more feedback happening in your organization is to get good at RECEIVING it, regardless of how good someone is at giving it.  The more comfortable we feel, the more we will ask for it; the more we ask, the more comfortable we will feel.  And the more we pay attention to the feedback we get, the better we get at giving it.  I like it when people approach feedback with the intent to help not hurt me, when they tell me specifically what I did and the impact it had, and when they have specific requests.  So I try to do that for others.

When is the last time you asked for feedback?  Help people out with the following prompts:

  1. Do you have any specific feedback for me?
  2. Any tips on how I could have done that better?
  3. What was something I could have done differently from your perspective?
  4. What are 2 things you think I do that help and 1 thing I could improve?
  5. If this happens again, what would you like me to do differently?

And always say thank you!


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