Assertive, open, decisive

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Steve Fantauzzosteve square

b. 1955 Detroit, Michigan

 Assistant to the national President of AFSCME doesn’t let his dislike of false accusations or false pretenses get in the way of doing what has to be done for the members.


1. What three words describe your leadership style?

Assertive, open, decisive

 2. What are you best at?

Creating time to assist managers in their roles; making decisions based on incomplete information

 3. What is the most important thing you do?

Provide a sense of direction and vision of the future

 4. What do you know to be true about leadership?

It’s hands on

 5. What is your earliest memory of injustice?

My father blaming me for something by brother did!

 6. What traits do you possess that are typical for your family?

Don’t shy away from confrontation or tough conversations

 7. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Turning an awful privatization situation in Indianapolis into a long term effort that not only saved all our members jobs but grew the union

 8. What are you afraid of?

multiple attacks that are beyond our organizational ability to simultaneously respond

 9. What is the last thing that made you really angry?

campaign tactics in our internal election for union president

 10. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

more communicative at home

 11. What do you do for fun?

Spend time with my son

12. What is the best advice you ever got?

Don’t be afraid to act because you fear making a mistake

 13. What failure or success taught you the most?

election losses in Indiana

 14. How would you like to be remembered?

Great parent and husband; good mentor; better friend


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