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Our Work

Our Work – Transformation and Impact

We started Alvarez Porter Group because we wanted to help create the capacity for lasting, transformational change in leaders and organizations working for social justice.  There isn’t just one approach or one tool that will make that happen.


Transformational change is a high standard.  It is not a simple fee for service.  It requires deep listening and constructive engagement in order to achieve long term results.

Some people measure impact as performance or “splash”.  We measure impact on your results.  Did it improve the functioning of the organization?  Did it open up possibilities and enhance performance?

The three main categories of our work are the following:

icon_leadership [1]  Leadership Development [2] –  what leaders do will shape the organization, its priorities and its culture. We provide leadership coaching, job design, and succession planning to help develop resilient and impactful leaders.


icon_strategy [3]  Strategy and Innovation  [4]– to win, you need a strategy, a structure and an approach to change that meets your environment and opportunities where they are.  We partner with leaders for strategic planning, process innovation, organizational design and strategic change.


icon_planning [5]  Meetings and Retreats [6] – shared understanding, commitment and renewal will result from meaningful dialogue and engagement.  Whether the issue is equity and inclusion, internal conflicts, organizational alignment, or reflection and renewal, we know that a good design and talented facilitators can make all the difference.



Ignite Management Program [7] – finally!  a management development program especially designed for social justice leaders and managers.  Rooted in real world experience and research-based approaches, Ignite combines a cohort based classroom experience with individual coaching on a development plan.