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Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Michele Berry, Dayton Michele is the Director of APG’s coaching program.  Her experience as a coach, along with her background in HR  and on the Boards of small non-profits informs her ability to coach leaders and coaches.   More… [1]
Tony Richard Tony Richard, Nashville Tony  began facilitating change during his 24 years in the United States Navy, particularly in the Navy’s health care system. Tony has coached social justice leaders and organizers in unions and nonprofits for over ten years. More… [2]
Shawnee Splinter, Montana Shawnee has an approach to coaching that invites a sense of joy and possibility while partnering to chart a course that will lead to transformation.  She has a background in non-profit management and fund-raising.
Gerri Bostick, New York Gerri helps leaders discover and maximize their talents, strengths and passions.  She spent over 20 years at the HR helm of organizations, both public and not for profit, and has coached leaders on a wide range of performance, change management and career issues.  More… [3]
Lisa Ahn, Bay Area
Lisa is based in the Bay Area and brings over 15 years of experience working with leaders in non-profit and education sectors. Lisa brings her passion for equity, transformation, and wholeheartedness to her clients.
Ana Polanco, New York
Ana spent over two decades as a political activist, organizer and leader, advancing the economic, social and cultural rights of communities. Ana works with clients to create sustainable change on some of the most pressing issues facing women, immigrants and people of color.  More.. [5]
Damon Azali-Rojas, Los Angelos As a community organizer in South Central Los Angeles, Damon learned to observe and assess the conditions on the ground in order to win campaigns for criminal, educational and environmental justice. He is currently on faculty for the Leadership That Works.  More… [6]

Carmen Vivian Rivera, New York

Carmen brings her experience as a government and nonprofit executive, community organizer, and policy analyst to her work as a coach.  She has a strong multi-cultural, social justice perspective to help clients act on challenges that matter most to them. More… [7]

Jessica Walker Beaumont, Seattle

Jessica  has valuable leadership experience from the front lines of social change from the WTO protests in Seattle to her work at AFSC to organizing in her Brooklyn, NY community.  She is an insightful and strategic certified executive coach.  More… [8]

Lina Bracero, New York

Lina is first generation Puerto Rican-American, born and proudly raised in the Bronx, New York. She has worked in the labor movement as an organizer and leader. She is passionate about developing a new generation of leaders and received her coach training through Leadership that Works. More… [9]