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Our Story

Alvarez Porter Group

 Our mission:

Our mission is to help leaders and organizations succeed in creating a just, equitable and sustainable world.  We do this by consulting, coaching and facilitating transformational change and by growing a community of practice that deepens our learning and increases our impact.

Our values:


When working with colleagues, clients and with each other, our choices are guided by the following shared values:


Our principles:

We believe that transformational change starts with an authentic and intentional relationship between us and our clients, which is enhanced by our commitment to the following principles:

Our story 

Allison and Joe first met on an organizing campaign in North Carolina in the 90’s.  Allison was training organizers at the time and Joe was the political director of the union.  Little did they know that twenty years later they would reconnect to form the Alvarez Porter Group.   It wasn’t until later that they discovered that they had both been civil rights activists in the early 1980s in Durham, and that they both had gone to Duke University.

Their interconnected lives – which included Joe working with Allison’s husband at ACTWU and Allison working with Joe’s wife at Cornel ILR school – joined up again in 2005 when they were in graduate school together at the National Labor College and AU/NTL.    Together with Merrilee Milstein [1], they conspired to create a group of OD practitioners dedicated to social change, which ultimately led to the founding of Alvarez Porter Group in 2009.  Michele Berry, herself an AU/NTL grad, joined the group in 2014 and became a partner in 2017.

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