3 pitfalls to avoid after a loss

November 15, 2014 · by Alvarez Porter Group · Filed Under Choices, Previous · Leave a Comment

Pitfall1. Catastrophizing

It is possible to make too much of a bad thing. Exaggerating the potential downside of a loss may make you feel more righteous, but it will not help illuminate your strategy or give you energy for the fight ahead. Focus on what you know to be true. Remind people of what is still possible.

2. Turning on each other

It is an unfortunate human tendency to take out our frustrations on those nearest to us. Mistakes are amplified and a scarcity mentality kicks in. This is the time to let go of blame in favor of analysis, assume positive intent, and work at keeping relationships healthy and strong.

3. Short-term thinking

The loss didn’t happen overnight and neither will it be turned around over night. So do what you need to do to defend and progress now, AND carve out time to think and plan well into the future. The trends are still positive. The future bends toward justice.


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