2012 is in the history books

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We like to say that when you work for social change, results matter.  Well, in 2012, progressives were reinvigorated and taking their case into the streets and changing the public debate.  The results we saw in 2012 not only mattered, they got us excited about 2013.139656_budget_RCG_

In the fall of 2011, the Occupy Wall Street movement not only changed the narrative on the economy, it showed that people in motion still had the power to persuade.  In 2012, thousands of people marched for their causes and workers once again used the strike weapon to their advantage.  In strikes at Walmart, McDonalds and Chicago City schools, working people were heard on the issues that mattered.

teachers strike2012 also resulted in historic victories for progressive forces.  48% of Americans now live in 21 states that have some form of marriage equality, and Barack Obama won a second term with a promise to take action on tax fairness, immigration and global warming.

Several Alvarez Porter Group clients were instrumental in key wins this year.   Here are some highlights:

1.  The Chicago Teachers Union strike followed a concerted effort by that union’s new leadership to transform their relationship to the community.  The strike changed the debate about the role of poverty in undermining public education. “As CTU’s feisty president Karen Lewis reminded Chicagoans,” noted Peter Dreier in the Huffington Post, “the strike wasn’t just about higher wages but also about the distribution of resources.” See Dreier’s 25 Progressive Victories in 2012.dream act victory

2.  Before CASA de Maryland spearheaded a broad coalition that passed the Maryland DREAM Act, they joined  leaders from the Service Employees International Union and National Immigration Forum and others in   getting Obama to change his approach to deportations and DREAMERS, resulting in a 71% majority of Latinos voting for Obama and setting the stage for common sense immigration reform.

CPI victory pic3.  SEIU Locals 721 and USWW, along with other union and community allies, mobilized a massive turnout to defeat the anti-union Prop 32 and at the same time ensure passage of Prop 30, which allowed progressive tax reform to fund schools in Prop 30.

4.  The Center for Policy Initiatives and communities allies in San Diego won a new ordinance requiring banks to register all foreclosures and be held accountable if they neglect the properties.  Their partner OCCORD in Orange County joined with community partners in Santa Ana and won passage of the Sunshine Ordinance, aimed at making city government more transparent.sunshine ordinance

What all these victories have in common is that they didn’t do it alone.  They went beyond anything they had done before to build coalitions and strengthen partnerships.  The issues were not about institutional self interest, they were about a broad vision of the solutions that are needed.  They appealed to the best in all of us to take action for what we believe.  2013 promises to be a busy year.



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