Our Work with Labor Unions

At Alvarez Porter Group, we understand the dynamics of change in unions
.  Joe and Allison have their roots in labor inIMG_4700.JPG the open shop South and have built a team deeply committed to strengthening and growing unions.  Our group brings outside tools and sensibilities with an insider’s comfort level with the culture and challenges.

Recently, we have been helping local unions in places like Olympia, Washington, Columbus, Ohio and Albany, New York develop strategies to engage members and build power to win.  We continue to develop ground-breaking leadership development programs at the national level, like the AFL-CIO’s National Labor Leadership Initiative, which this year we helped launch in South Africa.

2017 poses new challenges for unions everywhere, and will require new levels of innovation and risk taking.  We are there to support leaders and members in meeting this with strategic choice and resilience.

Some of our current and recent union clients:

Solidarity Center

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